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Ecigarette As Seen On Television

I know many of you have seen those infocomerical for that cheap ecigarette.  Yes, it is cheap because it is cheap.  It is a cheap piece of shit.  Here is what you should know.  They get you to order a inferior product that isn’t worth much and they charge you a ton on the cartridge order for the nicotine.

They make their profit off of the reorders of the nicotine cartridges.

The cartridge itself is nothing special and is actually a cheap product.  You can tell by just looking at what you get.  Any good real ecigarette kit will come with a second battery, a usb charger and a wall charger.  A excellent kit will come with a portable charging case (aka pcc) which allows you to charge your batteries on the go without needing to plug it into any electric device.

These are things that they don’t tell you.  If you take the time out and compare what is out there in the market compared to what is being offer on tv, you will know that there are better products out there than what you saw on tv.

Lastly, take a look at the price that they charge you for the nicotine cartridges.  They are totally higher than what is normal.

So save your money and look at the products online before you waste money on the ecigarettes that you saw on tv.

The cost of an e cigarette cartridge

The arrival of the electric cigarettes has transformed the world of smoking. There are several benefits in using  ecigarettes compared to regular cigarettes. The first benefit is the fact that this e cigarettes last much longer. For a chain smokers, the cost of cigarettes can be astronomic. Recently, nationwide legislature has levied taxes on the sell of tobacco items.   As a result, the price of regular cigarettes have increased tremendously for customers.  On average, a electric cigarette cartridge can have the nicotine equivalent of 2 packs of cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes can be less addicting than a standard cigarette. Many people have used e cigarette to stop smoking altogether.

An e cigarette is composed of a cartridge that collaborates with an electric cigarette refill system. Each time you buy a E cigarette kit, they come with a refillable cartridge. You can smoke for hours with each cartridge. The taste and appearance of the cigarette is similar to a regular cigarette. But you won’t have to deal with second hand smoke, the odor associated with cigarettes, teeth stains and etc.

An E cigarettes kit contains a cartridge that holds the flavor of the nicotine. Each time you smoke, the material reduces in amount. Nonetheless, this cartridge is refillable. As soon as it is empty, you may buy an electric cigarette refill from any local store or online. The electric cigarette refill comes in a variety of taste such as tobacco, menthol, cherry and many other flavors. They are not hard to find.

In terms of cost, electric cigarette refill costs as little as 50 to 60 cents. An electric cigarette refill is even equal to about 20 tobacco cigarette sticks! Hence, the last longer and are cheaper than regular cigarettes.  The come in a variety of flavors.